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Ambientweet 是一款简约的 Twitter 桌面客户端,能够查看单一人的信息流,同时还可以快捷地进行发送消息、回复等等操作。
Ambientweet 是一款简约的 Twitter 桌面客户端,能够查看单一人的信息流,同时还可以快捷地进行发送消息、回复等等操作。
来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Ambientweet is a minimalist twitter client, and it is intended to just be left running in the background, as a way of watching a twitter stream pass by.

You can watch your own stream, someone else's, other people's mentions of you, or all tweets containing a search term or hash tag.

Ambientweet shows just one tweet at a time. This is a deliberate design decision, which allows for a minimal user interface. This, in turn, means that the text can be bigger and there's no need for extraneous clutter like toolbars or buttons whilst you watch the twitter world go by.

You *can* use Ambientweet to post, reply and re-tweet, so it's perfectly adequate for adding to your stream and responding to what you read. What it doesn't include is lots of complicated functionality for viewing profiles, following people, managing lists and accounts, and so on. The Twitter website is great at that stuff, so why try to replicate it?


Updated for Twitter API 1.1.
Added support for multiple windows, each of which can be viewing a different timeline.
Moved window options out of preferences, into the menus, so that they can be set on a per-window basis.