Phys 1 for Mac

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  • 开发商:Geoffrey Musick
  • 支持类型:Mac OS X10.9.0或更高版本
  • 支持语言:英文等


来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Phys 1 is a puzzle adventure that requires players to use tools in order to solve physics problems. Learning is enhanced through quick experiential feedback. Players must learn and adapt if they are to advance through the game. Obstacle randomization allows for unique problems for each player!

Physics topics included kinematics (big 3 equations).

-Use the time tool to accurately measure how long it takes objects to go from point 1 to point 2.
-Use the displacement tool to measure the distance (and direction) between two points.
-The velocity tool is later unlocked to measure the speed (and direction) of quickly moving obstacles.
-Use pres-set launch values and measured variables in a drag-and-drop equation to solve for unknowns.