PhraseExpress for Mac

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来自Mac App Store官方介绍

PhraseExpress saves users from typing frequently-used phrases over and over again. Often-used text snippets and canned responses can be triggered by hotkeys or by entering text abbreviations, and inserted into any application. Snippets can alternatively be selected from a phrase menu next to the cursor, saving users from memorizing autotext shortcuts. After entering a few letters of the desired phrase, the popup menu suggests auto-completions, and narrows down the phrase list to the desired snippet. Individual phrases can be color-highlighted for easier navigation.

Powerful macro functions can add dynamic contents to static phrases such as date and time stamps, or placeholders for manual input. Forms can collect multiple user input, which is processed by other macro functions, and inserted into the phrase. Macro functions can also launch programs or open documents triggered by shortcuts. Macro functions can be nested and loops, conditional statements, string operations, and variables, allowing users to create complex automatisation tasks with the cross-platform macro language.

Phrases can be synchronized with other Macs, or with PhraseExpress versions for Windows and iPhone/iPad.

The free version of PhraseExpress is limited to ten (10) phrases. Expanded usage, as well as the macro functionality, is available in Standard and Professional editions. Info can be found here.


Version 3.0.31:

  • Support for new DeepL API v2
  • Empty entries in form drop-down menus are now hidden
  • Solved crash issue in very rare situations