OnSIP for Mac

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来自Mac App Store官方介绍

OnSIP brings your business phone to you, whether you’re at the office, at a client’s site, or working remotely. Connect with customers, partners, vendors, and coworkers from your OnSIP account on any computer.

With OnSIP, you can take advantage of standard business phone features without any hardware. Make and receive HD voice and video calls, monitor contact availability, and check recent call history on your desktop in one simple interface. Plus, get access to team collaboration tools like instant messaging and video conferencing.

  • Phone number, extension, and SIP address dialing
  • Call handling functionality (mute, hold, dialpad, transfer)
  • Customizable contact list from directory with real-time presence indicators
  • Drag-and-drop call transfers
  • One-to-one video calling and 5-way video conferencing
  • Instant messaging and Slack integration
  • Desktop notifications for incoming calls, call transfers, queue alerts, chat messages, and more
  • Recent call history
  • Real-time queue dashboard with call supervision (barge, whisper) and historical reporting
  • Personal call preferences and settings
  • Unique professional click-to-call link
  • Voicemail management and settings (including voicemail-to-email)
  • Sign in with your Google or Slack account
  • Keychain password storage


Version 3.0.3:

Note: In order to use OnSIP you should create account. Full price info can be found here

New features
  • Search your list of contacts in the sidebar
  • Control active and held calls from the sidebar (Mute, End, Transfer and more)
  • Search your recent call history or voicemail by name or number
  • Improved reliability of presence indicators
Relocated features
  • Video Conferencing has been moved from the main menu to the sidebar. Click the dropdown next to "Start New Call" and select "Start Video Conference".
  • Do Not Disturb has been moved from the sidebar to the top right. Click your avatar and select Available or Away in the dropdown. An icon alongside your avatar will reflect your selected setting.
  • Profile Settings and App Settings can now be found in the dropdown upon clicking your avatar in the top right. This is also where you'll find the link to Log Out of the app.
  • Recent Calls and Voicemail, previously their own menu items, are now both displayed in the home page titled "My Dashboard". Settings for your voicemail are also accessible from this page.
  • Queue Status and Queue Reports, previously their own menu items for queue supervisors, are now both displayed in the page titled "Queue Dashboard". To generate a report, just click "View Reports" near the top of the page.
  • Settings for sayso and Team Pages now their own links in the top navigation.