DEVONagent Lite for Mac


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DEVONagent Lite puts Web search where it belongs: next to Spotlight into your menu bar. Search all major and many specialized search engines and databases with a single click.

  • Web search always at your fingertips
  • All major search engines and many special ones
  • Opens results directly in your Web browser
  • Use it free of cost!

Search the Web like with spotlight
DEVONagent Lite adds a Web search field to your menu bar. Google, Bing, and many more always at your service. Its global keyboard shortcut saves you even that click. Just click DEVONagent Lite's menu bar icon, or press its keyboard shortcut, and start typing instead of switching to your browser, opening a new window, and clicking the search field first. Hit Return and DEVONagent Lite opens the search results in your default browser.

Use the best engine for the job
Google and Co. are great for general questions, but often it's better to ask the right people who really know. Choose your search engine of choice from the magnifying glass pop-up menu to directly search in developer resources, blogs, dictionaries, directories, discussion lists, legal or medical databases, news, or reference sites such as Wikipedia. Find Facebook profiles, tweets, or images without deviation.


Version 3.11:

This release features fixes, including greater compatibility with macOS Mojave, as well as other improvements. Developer has reorganized the search sets too.

  • Moved to HTTPS for all URLs linking to our site.
  • Improved overall reliability, including greater compatibility with macOS Mojave.
  • Fixed an issue with automatically updating to the latest version.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by memory management.
  • Plugins removed: IEEE Xplore, Technorati, Lucky Guess.