Lingo for Mac

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Lingo is an exceptional way to organize, share, and use all your visual assets in one place -- all on your desktop.

  • Add Any and All Visuals - Store photos, illustrations, icons, UI bits, and much more. Simply drag-and-drop your visual assets in from wherever. Everything will be in Lingo when you need it, easy to find and ready to use.
  • Use With Your Favorite Tools - Shuffle your visuals between Lingo and the apps you already use. Whether it’s layers, slides, sites, mock-ups, docs, canvases or wireframes, Lingo plays well with others.
  • Sync and Share Your Visual Language - Make collaboration fun again. Say goodbye to stale style guides, emailing and folder diving. Simply know that all your visuals are synced with your team. Now everybody’s on the same page.

Lingo is free for personal use. There are also Pro and Team plans, whose pricing you can find here.


Version 4.4:

  • Typography is an important part of every design library. Lingo 4.4 adds support for font assets making sure your entire team is using the right font
  • Basic formatting for inline notes including bold, italic, strikethrough, and lists help provide rich context for your assets
  • Copying a color asset that had been pulled into sketch could cause both assets to be linked to the same document color in Sketch