SmartSVN for Mac

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来自Mac App Store官方介绍

SmartSVN is graphical client for the Open Source version control system Subversion (SVN). It targets professionals who demand a reliable, efficient and well-supported SVN client for their daily business.

SmartSVN Professional has powerful features like Change Set handling (group your changes before finally committing them), Revision Graph (shows the branch structure and copy history graphically), built-in File Compare/Merge, Change Report or Tag and Branch handling, which make your daily work with Subversion as easy as possible.

SmartSVN is the consequent successor of SmartCVS, and works together with your Subversion server out of the box.

SmartSVN is available in two versions, a free Foundation version and the powerful Professional version.


Version 11.0.2:

New, Improved:
  • Tag/Branch browser: remembers sorting columns
  • Merge dialog: too much branches could cause internal error because of too many created MenuItems
  • Project Settings, Change Root Path dialog: random order of dropped directories
  • MacOS: .dmg could not be read on macOS 10.11 arent directory, no display of unversioned directories)
Other Noteworthy Changes:
  • Documented how to get SmartSVN starting on Fedora 30+ (requires libxcrypt-compat)