Vivaldi for Mac

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  • 开发商:Vivaldi Technologies
  • 支持类型:OS X 10.10 or later
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Vivaldi浏览器目前支持 Windows、Mac OS X、Linux Deb 、 Linux Rpm 等平台。对浏览器有兴趣的朋友可以去试试。
由上图可以看出,Vivaldi浏览器浏览器的布局与Opera浏览器非常相似,菜单项位于浏览器的左侧。而且通过在地址栏输入 vivaldi://chrome/extensions,我们可以看到,Vivaldi浏览器支持 Chrome 扩展,点击浏览器应用程序库后,会跳转到 Chrome Web Store。
来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Vivaldi is a browser for our friends.

We live in our browsers. Choose one that has the features you need, a style that fits and values you can stand by. From the look and feel, to how you interact with your browser, every aspect of Vivaldi can be tweaked and customized. You’re in control. Online privacy is more important than ever and how your browser handles sensitive data is crucial. Vivaldi doesn’t track or store any of your data. Managing hundreds of tabs is a breeze, and built-in tools like Notes and screen Capture mean there’s no need to hunt for add-ons.


Version 2.4.1488.40:

  • You can now build your own interface by moving buttons between toolbars. Hold Shift and drag a button (like Back or Forward) to try it out. We've also added new ways to manage and access your bookmarks, set up multiple user profiles and added a simple calculator to Quick Commands.