Funbridge-你的桥会 for Mac

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FunBridge is a bridge game. It enables you to play deals at your own pace, whenever you want, and rank yourself against hundreds of other players (as well as your friends) who have played the same deals as you under the same conditions (indeed, you play with 3 computers at the table and these are the same for all players). You can watch a replay of how other players have played (bidding and card play), replay deals, see your live scores and even pause a deal to resume it later. For each deal, you are compared to other players and it is possible to watch a replay of how each player has played, making FunBridge an ideal tool to progress.

  • 2 tournaments of the day per continent
  • Series tournaments and unlimited practice deals
  • Challenge your friends in 1 vs. 1 in 5 deals tournaments
  • Ranking of all players per series with evolution across series
  • Two-player mode to practice with your friends, with 2 computers at the table
  • It is possible to edit your visiting card and consult other players' visiting cards
  • It is possible to watch a replay of all the other players' bids and card play!
  • Tournaments with MP and IMP scoring
  • Setting of your bidding conventions (North plays the same system as the one you choose in the game settings, i.e. strong 2, weak 2, Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC), ACOL or Polish Club)
  • Help for bids during the game with points and assumed suit distribution (range of the number of cards per suit) displayed for each bid at the table
  • Look for players, follow players and friend requests
  • Filters in rankings to display only the players you follow and your friends, and thus to compare yourself to them.

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.


Version 4.7.7:

  • Overall optimisation and fixed bugs.