Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Mac


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Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced app to find and manage duplicate and similar images. Unlike similar software, it has an intelligent algorithm that compares your images just like a human would, which means that it finds more duplicates and similar photos than any other app. You have full control over the program's settings and can specify the level of similarity that is sufficient to consider photos to be duplicates. You can then compare them at a glance, keep your best shots and delete the rest in just one click.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner uses "Content-Based Image Retrieval", or "CBIR" for short. CBIR analyzes actual image content and uses the information gathered to compare images. This way Duplicate Photo Cleaner compares images that were resized, edited, cropped and converted to other formats.

No matter how large your photo collection is and how many duplicates there are, Duplicate Photo Cleaner makes it easy to find and delete them. It supports all popular image formats and has several different scan modes to fit your needs. Duplicate Photo Cleaner seamlessly integrates with Photos and iPhoto, which makes it perfect for managing duplicate photos on your Mac.



  • Improved image comparison algorithm
  • Added an option to select multiple folders from a single dialog
  • Added ability to disable master/original image protection in Settings
  • Updated translations
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes