Opera Beta for Mac


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Opera Beta (was Opera Next), updated every couple of weeks, gives you the latest refinements to the Opera browser. Follow our progress and test the latest features.


Version 58.0.3135.26:

  • CHR-7193 Update chromium on desktop-stable-71-3135 to 71.0.3578.80
  • DNA-70602 Crash at BrowserProcessImpl::OnKeepAliveStateChanged(bool)
  • DNA-74033 Crash at BrowserProcessImpl::Unpin()
  • DNA-74077 Crash at base::Value::Value(base::flat_map const&)
  • DNA-74119 Zombie received -activationDidFinish
  • DNA-74180 [Mac] Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarItemViewViews::UpdateTooltip()
  • DNA-74188 Notification activator registry entries are not removed on uninstallation.
  • DNA-74190 Crash at opera::content_filter::`anonymous namespace"::CaretMatches
  • DNA-74245 [O57] web3.js downloaded with flag disabled
  • DNA-74276 Use "zen.yandex.ru" API host and add related "Clear zen news" link
  • DNA-74278 Disable site isolation for desktop-stable-71-3135
  • DNA-74311 Upgrade zen lib version to 2.5.597
  • DNA-74355 Provide russian translations for "Clear Zen news …" message