Output Factory for Mac

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  • 开发商:Zevrix Solutions
  • 支持类型:OS X 10.7 or later Adobe InDesign CS5 or later
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Output Factory automates printing and exporting from Adobe InDesign. Batch print, export as single pages with variable file names, output layer versions, update modified links on the fly, preflight InDesign files before output, output to several formats at once, and much more.

Just select the InDesign documents, adjust settings, and Output Factory will do the rest for you automatically. Keep working with other programs while Output Factory processes InDesign files in the background. Or let Output Factory work while you're on a lunch break. Or leave it working overnight to output hundreds of documents, and pick up the job when you return in the morning.

  • Batch output InDesign files with a click of a button
  • Supports print. PDF, PostScript, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, Flash, INX, IDML, EPUB and HTML
  • Export as single pages
  • Output files to multiple formats at once
  • Layer versioning: output layer combinations as single files
  • Variable output file names
  • Preflight InDesign files before output
  • Run scripts before/after processing (AppleScript/JavaScript)
  • Update modified links automatically
  • Process InDesign books (.indb)
  • Preflight final PDF with Acrobat Pro droplets
  • Send output files automatically over Internet and locally


Version 2.3.19:

  • Fixed an issue in which selecting the "Export as" button didn't result in the appropriate change of settings of the workflow under some conditions.
  • Apple Events authorization errors are now handled properly on non-English systems.