Agena for Mac


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Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited to be used in scientific, educational, linguistic, and many other applications, including scripting.


Version 2.14.9:

New functions:
  • `math.arcsinh` and `math.arctanh` compute the inverse hyperbolic sine and tangent in the real domain.
  • `bytes.trailzeros` counts the number of trailing zeros in an unsigned 32-bit integer.
  • `tables.borders` returns the lowest and highest assigned index in the array part of a table. With tables, `environ.attrib` also returns them, represented by 'lowest' and 'highest' keys.
Improvements and bugfixes:
  • `prepend` now works in-place, making it much more efficient, as are its counterparts `put` and the `insert` statement.
  • `arccosh` has become thrice as fast in the real domain.
  • `debug.getlocals` crashed with invalid levels. This has been fixed. It now also returns a table of unassigned local variables.
  • `hashes.murmur3128` could crash, this has been fixed. It now returns 4 unsigned 32-bit integers, accepts an optional seed as the third argument and is now available in the OS/2 and Raspberry Pi editions, as well.
  • The new C API function `agn_arrayborders` returns the lowest and highest index of the array part of a table.