LiveCode Community Edition for Mac


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LiveCode (was Revolution Media) enables better, easier and faster software construction for everyone. Our motto is "Everyone can Create Apps".

LiveCode is ideal for complete beginners who have never written a line of code before. Its easy English-like language is quick to learn and more memorable than any traditional programming language. Thats why LiveCode is loved by content experts, artists, and educators who need to create interactive content but have no desire to become programmers.

But don't be fooled by simplicity. LiveCode's powerful, flexible feature set is used by professional developers creating mobile apps, shrink wrapped commercial software, business process automation tools, in-house utilities and working in enterprise teams on real-time and mission critical applications. LiveCode's high productivity environment is in indispensable tool for professionals under pressure to deliver more with tight budgets.

Top Benefits
  • Up to 10x more productive than traditional development systems.
  • Flexible platform creates applications that run on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Server
  • From rich mobile applications to powerful enterprise software solutions, designed for any skill-set, platform, project or budget
  • Deliver dramatically more with less - less time, less effort, ideal for tight budgets

Powerful Toolset
One of the unique benefits of LiveCode is its iterative workflow. Projects are edited dynamically with changes happening in real time. There is no compile-run-edit-debug cycle that takes so much time with traditional development tools. LiveCode is also ideal for using agile development to adapt quickly to changing requirements.

  • Drag and drop user interface builder
  • Run and edit live
  • Integrated visual debugger
  • Edit and debug on all supported platforms
  • Create single-file standalone executables with a single click
  • Access databases, powerful data presentation options
  • Create native or custom interfaces for all platforms
  • Edit server scripts directly on the server
  • Remote visual debugger for server scripting



Bug fixes:
  • Ensure Plugin stacks are not loaded into memory on startup