Echelon: a passive Twitter client 播放Tweets for Mac

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  • 支持类型:OS X 10.6 或更高版本
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你可以输入你要查询的内容查看整个推特说了些什么关于你搜索的,例如,LADY GAGA,湖人队的比赛,埃及发生了什么,哪里的地震等。
来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Echelon is a wonderful way to see what the world is talking about!

Just enter your query, like "lady gaga", "#apple" or "@BarackObama" and watch as Echelon displays what the whole Twitter is saying about it - right now - one tweet at a time.

"Is this website down just for me?"

"How's the Lakers game?"

"What's going on in Egypt, right now?"

"Did anybody else feel this earthquake?"

These questions are hard to Google, but it's incredibly easy to get an answer with Echelon!

You don't need a Twitter account to use Echelon.

You can change Echelon's looks to your liking: zoom in/out with a pinch gesture on your multi-touch trackpad, enter full screen with a key press, and change colors and backgrounds whenever you like.

Echelon is great for wall projecting at parties and conferences, or just to look at Twitter in a whole new way.

Follow @echelon_app for updates!


Renamed to Echelon due to copyright issues.