矢量绘图 Sketch 3 for Mac

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  • 开发商:Bohemian Coding
  • 支持类型:macOS 10.13.4 or later
  • 支持语言:英文等





除了以上功能,还可以导入的图片,可以旋转,缩放,裁剪和屏蔽。最好的一流的文字工具,您可以添加漂亮的印刷字体到您的设计,使用本地字体渲染,所以你可以肯定的是文字看起来总是100 %准确!

全新的Sketch 3,符号允许您重用的内容在多个地方整个群体在您的设计。觉得界面元素,如按钮,页眉和页脚。改变他们一次,他们无处不在更新您的文档中。

Sketch支持OS X的版本和自动保存,不需要CMD + S保存,可以让你专注于你的工作保持你的工作,同时通过iCloud能在多个Mac电脑同步。

新在版本Sketch 3 :
- 符号,在你的设计重用元素
- 文本样式和图层样式,重新设计并统一为一个更好的体验
- 重新设计的检查,给你的一切更快的访问
- 自动切片,直接出口层,而无需设置手动切片
- 从一个单一的片出口多种分辨率,在任何规模的
- 改进的PDF , EPS和SVG的导入和导出
- 速度, bug修复和波兰各地
- 演示模式,全屏显示和隐藏所有控制,完美的炫耀设计
- 改进的位图编辑与魔术棒,裁剪,翻转和矢量化工具

- 简单但功能强大的接口,从地上爬起来为OS X内置
- 优化的视网膜和非Retina显示屏
- 强大的造型:多重阴影,多个填充,渐变,混合,模糊,噪点多...
- 灵活的布尔操作简单的图形组合成复杂的形状
- 画板及切片出口多个图像出一个单一的文件
- 在同一时间自动导出为多种分辨率
- 独特的颜色(与RGB和HSB模式)和字体选择器
- 美丽的原生文本渲染和文本样式
- 向量和像素变焦;放大与无限向量的精度或个别像素
- 多站和径向渐变编辑右侧的画布中。强大的所见即所得的渲染
- 共享的图层样式,可以自动更新所有相关层
- 共享文本样式的文字层之间共享字体和段落信息
- 功能强大,易于使用的矢量工具
- 设计师可以在网络上梦幻般的资源,越来越多的社区


- Web和iOS的设计模板标配
- 复制CSS样式到剪贴板(包括梯度! )
- 切片:将出口作为画布上的图像区域
- 960默认网格,与更先进的网格选项的支持
- 创建一个文档内的多个页面
- 标准响应网页设计画板

- 画板:每个都是自己的小帆布
- iOS的图标模板
- 像素网格
- 像素效果,如高斯和运动模糊
- 舍入到最近的像素边缘
来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

Note: price shown in the listing is for a 1-year subscription.


Version 55:

  • Lines, arrows, layers and new Symbols all snap to Grids more reliably
  • Copying and pasting Symbols and pages between documents is faster and more reliable
  • Layers now snap to rotated text
Fixed bugs:
  • Cutting a selection from a bitmap image and moving the selection using the arrow keys could undo the cut
  • Using boolean operations to combining certain shapes wouldn’t always produce the right results
  • Hovering over a Symbol instance that contained a mask would ignore the bounds of the mask
  • You could still select items in Data menu with you’ve selected a Symbol instance with no overrides enabled
  • Exporting dashed strokes with shadows would show a continuous shadow rather than a dashed one
  • Pressing Tab while editing text overrides in the Inspector would focus back on the Canvas instead
  • Grids and Layouts didn’t hide consistently when zooming out
  • Caused baselines to move when adjusting Text Styles and Text Style overrides
  • Applying Library updates could reset existing Symbol overrides
  • Text styled with different colors in Symbols wouldn’t retain its styling when it was overridden with anything beginning with a non-alphanumeric character
  • Unchecked overrides would be checked again after duplicating a Symbol master
  • Content in the Canvas might flicker when switching apps in Fullscreen mode
  • Scrolling to make panning around the Canvas smooth again
  • Replacing a missing font wouldn’t update Shared Text Styles
  • Stopped layers snapping to text layers, depending on the text layer’s alignment or rotation
  • Fixed various bugs where layers within rotated groups couldn’t be measured correctly
  • Dragging a rotated layer within a group or combined shape could snap erratically to the pixel grid
  • The Symbol contextual menu would not show the Detach all contents from Symbol alternate menu item
  • The correct font weights wouldn’t always show in the inspector
  • Selecting to Undo changes to a gradient would result in the wrong gradient point being selected in the color popover
  • A layer with multiple Angular Gradient Fills applied would render only the first applied fill
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when combining shapes
  • Fixed a crash related to Symbols that could occur while using certain plugins
  • Fixed a crash that could happen with certain font weights
  • Pressing the Space bar while inserting layers wouldn’t allow repositioning of the layer being inserted
  • Certain paths with arrow markers couldn’t be resized repeatedly
  • Undo wouldn’t work as expected when editing text
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a PostScript name was missing from an installed font
  • A group’s selection wouldn’t always update when moving layers within the group using the arrow keys
  • The Ends controls for dashed borders wouldn’t be enabled when expected
  • Fixed a bug in sketchtool where the --without-activating argument wouldn’t prevent Sketch from becoming active
  • Certain adjoining lines caused unexpected snapping behaviour