3D家庭个性化设计软件 MyFourWalls for Mac

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MyFourWalls依赖于一个复杂的照明计划,其中包括环境光,高度可配置的灯作为光源,窗,透明门,以及从墙壁,地板和天花板的反射。之 间方便地切换白天和夜间。日益增长库超过140个碱基的家具物品,为您提供了一个很好的起点,不断变化的几个方面的高级设置允许您自定义的项目完全按照您 现有的家具。

MyFourWalls提供了一个巨大的家具和材料的收集。所有项目可以定制你的口味 - 请选择您最喜欢的项目,调整其高度,宽度,抽屉或架子上的号码,由不同的材料和设计方案选择。

白天和夜间模式,并选择单个灯开启或关闭,以比较不同的照明选项之间切换。如果房间似乎是太黑了,只需添加一个或两个灯。使用设置播放,直到你满意你所看到的。 MyFourWalls “ 3D视图中注册所有实时变化,所以你可以尽快的看到你的空间氛围如何变化,为您重新安排灯具或家具带来实感。

来自Mac App Store官方介绍

MyFourWalls is an easy-to-use home planning tool that lets you play with new design choices in an existing space or plan the entire interior of a new home. Take a 3d virtual house tour in real time to get an authentic impression of your new space. Before rolling up your sleeves, let MyFourWalls help you plan the cozy home you've always wanted.

Create walls, doors, windows and stairs with the click of a mouse and start furnishing your rooms. Choose from a broad range of customizable furniture and try out where to best place your favorite items. Take a 3D house tour in daylight or at night and get an idea of the perfect furniture arrangement to add that "Wow!" factor to your home.

MyFourWalls offers a huge furniture and materials collection. All items can be customized to your taste - simply select your favorite item, adjust its height, width, number of drawers or shelves and choose from different materials and design options.

Switch between day and night mode and select individual lamps to switch on or off to compare different lighting options. If a room seems to be too dark, simply add a lamp or two. Play with the settings until you're happy with what you see. MyFourWalls' 3D view registers all changes in real time so you can see how the ambiance of your space changes as soon as you rearrange light fixtures or furniture.


Version 1.0.10 (1.0.7):

Note: The downloadable demo is version 1.0.7; the version available for purchase on the Mac App Store is version 1.0.10.

  • Added Chinese localization
  • Fixed error with app store icon