BigHairyGoal — mindmap and task checklist for Mac


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Big Hairy Goal is a tool for getting your ideas down and to arrange them in a way that gives you more insight.

It functions like a whiteboard you attach note cards to, lettings you connect them with lines or reorder them. Big Hairy Goal automatically moves cards aside if you insert a new one somewhere. Big Hairy Goal supports three different types of cards: text, image and url. Drag resources from any location like Finder and Safari or paste a screenshot into your workspace. Create mood boards, inspiration boards or lighboxes on the fly. Move lesser attractive candidates aside and create groups. Zoom into images by selecting any and pressing the space key, just like what you are accustomed to in Finder.

Note: This application can be downloaded as a free trial for one week and contains In-App Purchase for a monthly or yearly subscription or a lifetime license for features "as is" when purchased.


Version 2.5.6649:

  • Stability issues