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Caffeinated 是一款OS X平台的 RSS 客户端,三栏结构,采用了 Mac 风格的界面,功能方面加入了一些新意。
Caffeinated 是一款OS X平台的 RSS 客户端,三栏结构,采用了 Mac 风格的界面,功能方面加入了一些新意,比如:自定义字体和格式(在右栏中点击右键,选择 “Fonts & Formatting”就可以更改预览窗口中的字型、字号、平滑程度、行高、字间距等等,可以根据自己的喜好来选了)、链接悬停菜单、手动的flash开关等。
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Caffeinated 2.0 is a fast, easy to use, stand alone RSS reader. Built upon version 1.3.3's base system it has been rewritten to be completely stand alone, fast and fun to use.

Please note, Caffeinated does work on 10.6 and is usable, but there are oddities compared to the latest 10.7+ OS's.

Along with its beautiful interface ( which looks stunning on a Retina Display ), Caffeinated also is feature rich, heres a few of what it has to offer:

- Authenticated feeds support

- Manual subscription management, you can import / export, subscribe, unsubscribe and manually reorder your subscriptions

- Share articles to multiple services, these include:

- Twitter ( or on 10.8 you can choose to use the Sharing Service )

- Facebook

- Buffer

- Readability

- Delicious

- Google Plus

- Instapaper

- Pinboard

- Read It Later

- Safari Reading List

- Evernote

- Messages ( 10.8 only via Sharing Service )

- Email ( via your email client )

Also great features such as:

- Create custom shortcuts for various actions

- View the original article within the application

- View articles in various sorting orders and groups

- Extremely customisable, custom themeable articles

- Full Retina Display support

Caffeinated 2.0 has also been tweaked and change under the hood to provide incredible responsiveness whilst casually using the application or whilst storing thousands of articles.

This is just the start, Caffeinated is always being actively worked on to improve and bring new features to the table. Also comes with great customer support.


Fixes issue with crashing on database upgrade.
Fixes issue with double escaped URL's.
Fixes issues with a few buttons not behaving as they should in and out of fullscreen.
Fixes issue with double click not working.
General performance enhancements.

Added better sync progress indicator ( now is actually a progress bar ).